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Rad. HYUNDAI I10 1.1-1.1TCI-1.2 +/-AC M/AT 08-

Manufacturer Rif. (OE)
HYUNDAI 253100X000
HYUNDAI 253100X050
HYUNDAI 253100X060
HYUNDAI 253100X070
HYUNDAI 253100X200
HYUNDAI 253100X300
HYUNDAI 253100X330
HYUNDAI 253100X350
Brand Model Version Power Displacement Year
HYUNDAI i10 (PA) 1.1 51kw 1086cc from 04/2011 to 12/2013
HYUNDAI i10 (PA) 1.1 49kw 1086cc from 01/2008 to 12/2013
HYUNDAI i10 (PA) 1.1 CRDi 55kw 1120cc from 01/2008 to 12/2011
HYUNDAI i10 (PA) 1.1 48kw 1086cc from 12/2007 to 12/2013

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